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Did you know that the number of hungry people in the world has exceeded the ONE BILLION mark for the first time EVER.1 That means ONE in SIX go to bed desperately hungry each night. The global economic downturn and rising food prices have contributed greatly to the amount of people suffering worldwide from acute and chronic malnutrition.

That’s where Action Against Hunger comes in. They are committed to saving the lives of malnourished children and their families while ensuring access to safe water and sustainable solutions to hunger. Action Against Hunger has over 6,000 staff in the field in 40 countries to carry out innovative and lifesaving programs in nutrition, food security, water and sanitation, health, and advocacy. These programs reach over 5 million people each year!

As you know by now, Weight Watchers is teaming up with Share Our Strength and Action Against Hunger for the second year to help the fight against childhood hunger and promote healthy living with the Lose For Good campaign. For every 1 million pounds lost during the campaign period, Weight Watchers will donate $250,000, up to $1 million to these charities.

“The funds contributed by Weight Watchers represent the difference between life and death for up to 6,000 children. We salute our partners at Weight Watchers and applaud its members who were inspired to make a world of difference for children around the world by participating in Lose For Good!” -Nan Dale, Executive Director, Action Against Hunger

You may be wondering how YOU can play a role in this remarkable campaign. STAY TUNED! Sunday is THE day you will find out how YOU can help!

1According to the United Nations Food and Agricultural Organization.

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