TIME OUT! – The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


So, I’m sitting here trying to think of some wonderful  post about some wonderful topic that will make you all want to shout from the rooftops that Thea is an amazing writer and is an inspiration to all those who have, will, want to, have thought about or know someone who wants to lose those pesky pounds and is the answer to all of your weight loss prayers.

And then I realized, “Holy crap, Thea.  You need to: a) get over yourself  and 2) stop thinking so doggone much!”

Thinking about weight loss and weight maintenance can be all consuming.  A lot of times we so completely immerse ourselves in trying to lose weight that we get completely burned out on trying to lose weight.  Every little thing you do can become about your dropping the pounds…

  1. Clothes Shopping – “Do these pants make me look fat/thin/sausage-like?”
  2. Personal hygiene – “Walking in place while brushing my teeth will put 37 extra steps on my pedometer!” (Not that I’ve done this…ahem)
  3. Getting the mail – “Did my Fitness/Health/Prevention/Shape/Weight Watchers magazine come today?”
  4. Eating – “O.K. I had 4 cups of grapes for breakfast which means that if I have a cup of black beans for lunch than I can have some dessert after my tofu dinner.”
  5. Sleeping – “I need to get exactly 7.45 hours of sleep in order to be at my prime for my workout tomorrow!”

And I’m sure there are countless other things that you do during the day that suddenly become about you losing weight…

Just for today, stop thinking.

Go.  Do something fun that has absolutely nothing to do with weight loss and DON’T MAKE IT ABOUT WEIGHT LOSS!

Run through a sprinkler.  Read a book (NOT a weight loss book).  Write a letter to a friend. Play a game of Uno with the kids. Catch up on your DVR backlog. Complete a scrapbook page. WHATEVER!

And I never know how to end blog posts so I’ll just stop here.