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It’s Monday morning and time to “confess” my transgressions from the past week.  The Catholic in me just loves this- HA!

And you guys get to play along too-wahoo!  Write a post sharing your confessions and then come back here and leave the link in the comments sections.  That way, I can come visit your blog, check out your “confessions” and leave some comment love.

Here we go………..

  1. I exercised four times last week (yippee!).
  2. I snacked every evening (boo).
  3. I drank over 96oz of water a day (yippee!).
  4. I ate pizza last night (boo).
  5. But only two slices (yippee!).
  6. The first time (boo).
  7. My friend Christy, and fellow Shrinker, is visiting (yippee!).
  8. We tend to drink adult beverages when together when the 5 kids are annoying the crap out of us after the kids go to bed (boo!).
  9. We plan on exercising every single day that she is here I’ll let you know how that went after she leaves (yippee!).
  10. In unrelated news, my “to do” list for my scrapbooking projects is longer than my arm (boo!).
  11. Luckily, Christy loves to scrapbook too and we are both committed to cranking out many pages (yippee!).

It’s your turn now : ).

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