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Today sucked. Hard.

Emotionally draining.

I arrived home around 6:00 pm after being gone since noon. I played with my son, read him a story, nursed him and put him to bed. I ducked my head into the office to give my husband a quick kiss – he was in the middle of his Fantasy Football draft (mine is tomorrow).

I put on my workout clothes and proceeded to get all set up with the Wii. I literally had the leg strap on, and was about to start, and I got a phone call that I had to take.

It was AN HOUR. Even more emotional drainage. By the time I got off the phone, I was in tears, and my husband had emerged from Fantasy Football-dom and was starting a movie. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. Cause that’s not depressing.

At this point, I kind of threw up my hands. No workout for me today. And for once I was actually really looking forward to it.

Fast forward two-ish hours. I hop on the Internet after the movie to check all my emails/catch up on a few blogs/hit Twitter/play Bejeweled.

And then I came to the Sisterhood. And I read. And I was inspired.

At this point, it’s 11:00 pm.

‘Honey, I am going to do my workout.’

He looked at me kind of funny, shrugged, and kissed me goodnight.

And I worked out.

And I am so glad I did. I am still a bit down, but dang it all if I didn’t sweat some of that stress out. And I am proud that I did not let myself down. I said I was going to do this challenge, and by God, I will!

So, what did I think of Day 1? I enjoyed it. It sped by. I used the male trainer and I kind of like him. He says ‘YOU’RE ON FIRE.’ That makes me giggle EVERY SINGLE TIME. Plus, for an electronic guy, he’s got pretty hot abs.

So, tonight I kind of proved to myself that no matter what is happening in my life, exercise WILL make me feel better. Is it cliche to say I had an ‘AHA’ moment? Probably. Oh well. Cause I pretty much did.