April » Blog Archive » EAS Active Challenge -Day 2


When I started hearing the terrible rumors that Day 2 was all lunges, I’ll admit, my shoulders slumped.  Not a fan of lunges.  Yeah, yeah, I know that they’re good for ya.  But I’m just not a fan of working my legs.  I never have been.  (How I have nice muscular legs, I really don’t know.)

But I’m going to say it right here and right now.  They weren’t that bad!  In fact, I didn’t mind them at all!

And when I got to the tennis sections I.LOVED.IT!  I love tennis.  I may or may not play Wii Sports Tennis like I’m in a championship match in a Grand Slam tournament.  And I was pretty damn good at it if I do say so myself!

I MAY have liked this work out so much that I MAY have done an extra work out.  Okay, I did.  I did one of the Sports work outs because those are my favorite and I wanted to play more tennis.  The End.

PS.  Is anyone else’s ass muscles sore from all of that inline skating?  Yeah, mine either.