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OK girls and guy, I’ve done it! I did go and buy it after all. To be completely truthful I was a little on the fence because of my current workout schedule and I wasn’t sure if I was in it to stick to it.

But I will try! Anyhoo.

Now what did I think? I have three words: inline effing skating.

No joke, you guys. That burned. Legs. Fire. By the last jump the legs almost buckled from the fire. I wasn’t expecting that the first time around and only got a couple of tricks in. But  got all my tricks in the second round.

The rest of it was pretty good! I didn’t go all crazy (like April) and go the High Intensity, I did medium because I just got home from spin class and it was9 o’clock and I was beat already.  But it was fun! I did need that arm workout and I love me some squats. Every little bit helps! It said I burned about 93 calories. Ps. I’m starving over here. I blew it and ate all my extra points over the weekend and now I have to starve till tomorrow. Anyone got some points they can toss me?