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Not bad meaning bad but bad meaning GOOD! HUH! (To take the line from Run DMC thankyouvermuch.) Happy Weigh-in Wedneday everyone!!

For you, this is a post that is best told in pictures:

The top picture is a picture of what TWO POUNDS looks like! TWO POUNDS! HOLY CRAP! We are now at a 138.5. The thirties! The thirties! I have a tendency to dip down here but not stay, so the real test will be next week to see if this has some staying power. I have my normal workouts plus that crazy EA Sports thing which truly is a butt kicker. I did it last night after spin class and maybe it was a great “last chance workout” for today’s weigh-in, who knows! But two pounds, yay!

So the first picture is my very  first contribution the the nonperishables bank that I will keep until the end of the challenge in October when I will give it to Metropolitan Ministries here in Florida. They are consistently needing food, especially around the holidays, and I am so happy to do this challenge this way because I have always wanted to donate food to them and hadn’t yet! Thanks, WW!

The second picture is of my string (if you recall my “string test” which you are welcomed to join me it is not too late!). What I did was take a pink ribbon, wrap it around my hips, thighs and waist, then measure it and of course take  pictures of them. Each week I hope to shrink my string and cut some off.)

This week, there it is!! One inch off my hips/slash/bum. Gone! The waist and leg strings are still the same. I feel very badass today. This is actually a pretty cool experiment.And I’m pretty glad my body is taking from the biggest part of me first! (I didn’t even tell it to!) Just so you know, I did actually start the string test last Tuesday (8/28) so it has been a little over a full week for that, not since Sunday. That would be nothing short of a miracle.

So HOW DID YOU DO??? Good, bad, indifferent? Are you doing WW? Because I’m having a very hard time staying full. Any tips? I’m starving like a banshee here.

Also, my two pound loss means the people at WW took away an entire point! Wahhhh! I’m starving and I have one less point! No. Weight Watchers isn’t starving me. I think that it means I need to vary the content of my points and that perhaps some of my points are not being used in the best way possible.

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But first, tell me how YOU did!!