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Well here it is, a look at the fullbodyspandexsuit! I briefly considered just taking a picture of the suit, but being so uberexcited about finishing my second triathlon (which had actually turned into a duathlon because the swim was canceled – poo!) I thought, what the hey.

I have been wanting to post all day but I”m exhausted. This thing really took a lot out of me, even without the swim!

Here’s the quickie update:

-It was a 1/2 mile run (instead of the swim which was canceled because of crazy current), 11 mile bike ride and a 3.1 mile run.

-I finished in an hour and 28 minutes. 22 out of 44 in my group. (3 minutes behind my husband.) Again, true to the midpacker status! And I”m pretty darn ok with that.

-I have no way of comparing it to the last triathlon because everything was different, the course, the mileage, everything. I wish I could have done the swim to know if things were truly better the second time around, but there will be a next time (October. Last one of the year.)

-What was the same, though, was the difficulty. The fire in my legs going up the bridge and the feeling that my legs were concrete stumps when I had to run after the bike. But crossing the finishline was unbelieveably fantastical!

-I am more comfortable doing this. Or rather, understanding what to do in all of it.

-Because honestly it still kind of hurts all over.

-I went out with my best friend afterward because she was in town and we went to the mall and I fit into a pair of size 6 jeans. HOLYEFFINGGOODNESS. I actually buttoned up a size 6. She took me by the hand and made me try on jeans because she is well aware that I wear fatgoggles and she wanted to shut me up. How sad is that? But I am telling you. I read Lisa’s post on finding tips for a healthier lifestyle and reaching your goals (have you read it??) and it really is very important to find something you like to do. Or love to do. Because it makes you do things like fit into a size 6 one day. I can’t even believe it! I didn’t buy them because they were 80 bucks but still! HOLYCRAP!

A more detailed report of the triathlon/duathlon experience including what it’s like to wear a onesy in a porta potty is here. For now I have to go to bed because I’m dying so I bid you adieu!

Yours in shrinkage!