So close! – The Shrinking Jeans of Thea


September 13, 2009 By thea


That was my goal. To cross the finish line in 35:00.

My training runs that led up to the race left me thinking that beating 35:00 would be easy, peasy.

But alas, the goal eluded by LESS THAN 20 SECONDS!

20 seconds, folks.

And you know what?  Screw my goal.  Screw that 20 seconds.  I took 1:30 off my previous 5k time.  That’s HUGE!

So, I’m calling that an achieved goal.  Now, to go buy 25 lbs of food so that I can take a picture of that instead of my tomato face.

The Great Frederick Fair 5k.  September 12th, 2009. Unofficial time 35:20.