Brian » 2009 » September » 15


Another day, another workout. Except this time there were three sets of squat jumps. I’ve always struggled with them since you really can’t move your right arm much cause of the wiimote. So today I had a lightbulb moment and put the wiimote in my shorts pocket during the squat jumps. Made a big difference.

I’m nervous for weigh in day. On one hand I’ve been working so hard and drinking lots of water (no more diet coke except at meals). But on the other hand I have eaten a lot of crap. So net net is that I am in better cardio condition, I am stronger… but I haven’t lost any weight. While weight is just a number… I think I HAVE to lose weight because my joints won’t be able to handle me being 300lbs forever, my heart won’t enjoy it and there is always diabetes to worry about…

** Just being extra descriptive for Thea