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All I can think of when I think of open water swimming is the song from Jaws.

Dah dum.

Dah dum.

Dah dumdahdumdahdumdahdum.

Sunday morning, I am swimming in the open water as the new member of a triathlon group I just joined. I only just joined because I was stalking their messageboard for the past two months and saw that a bunch of newbies just joined so I didn’t feel bad about being new or slow or any of those things, especially because of how open they were about their own speeds so I finally wrote a message on the board myself.

I need practice swimming in the ocean. I do all my swims comfortably in my very own lane in a very clean, chlorinated, shark-free L.A. Fitness pool. The primary reason for my joining this group is because a) I won’t swim in the ocean all by myself for long periods of time just in case of, I don’t know, whatever. And b) Sharks tend to stay away from groups of anything thrashing and flailing in the water.

Forget the fact that triathletes all over the world train in the open water daily and have been attacked.

God I’m such a baby.

It’s not like I’m wearing a meat suit or something.

Seriously though, but this time, I’m venturing wayyyyy out of my comfort zone, quite possibly completely out of my comfort zone and nowhere near my comfort zone and swimming near a bridge near a causeway and I’ve heard someone refer to the water as murky.

Yay. Murky. Murky open water. Not regular, pretty, sandybeach open water.

The brown kind where you can’t see in front of you or below you or around you.








But I figure here I’m facing two fears with one swimcap.

I’m facing my fear of joining a group of athletes who are way more athlete than I am. And I’m facing my fear of swimming in open water by swimming in the scariest kind of open water possible. Except for any Florida lake which contains alligators and to me is completely ludicrous (there are also triathlons that are held in lakes here, and to that I say complete sheer lunacy and good luck with allll that! Although many people I am sure would disagree with me, but that one I’m standing behind 110 percent.

Well that’s all I guess. I will report back this afternoon to discuss my progress and/or panic attack. Maybe meeting my new friends for the first time in murky ass brown bridgewater isn’t the greatest idea in the world. Could you imagine me freaking out in mid-swim if say, algae, touches my leg and I start to panic and no one can hear me and I’m floating there hypervenhilating?

Oh God.

I’m in trouble, aren’t I?

I’m going to have to remember my water wings.

So make me feel better. Got any phobias? Have you faced any of them and how? Still afraid of spiders, I made my mom kill one the size of my open palm today. No, I’m not proud that I ran away and handed her the broom. Thank goodness there’s none of those in the water.