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Here we go:

1.  It’s been so long since I’ve posted a True Confessions, that it’s probably a confession itself.

2.  There was a tailgate on Saturday and I did drink and eat (although I didn’t do too bad on the eating).

3.  I don’t feel bad about #2 because convinced that I knew where I was going, I lead my friends across campus to get to the tailgate only to realize I only knew half the way to the tailgate.

4.  I learned that guessing on directions doesn’t always work.  I knew the general direction that I needed to go, but I  at some point got turned around. (I wasn’t even drinking at this point.)

5.  I also learned that asking a bunch of drunk college kids, which way is the stadium, isn’t going to do you any good either.  (I cussed a lot.)

6.  So, a mile walk turned into a 3 mile hike, and you can see why I wasn’t too concerned with calories.  Plus, after that, I was thirsty.

The End.