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Here are my True Confessions for Today, Monday, September the 21st, 2009.

-I did some open water swimming Sunday and did not get eaten by sharks.
-I was freaked the hellout. It was disgusting. But I did it. I go into detail over here at my other blog because “being brave” is going to be my mantra this week. -I felt like a big baby. -I pretty much acted like a big baby. I was freaked out and kept stopping and I had to regroup and get my bearings to continue. -But at the halfway point, I bucked up and kept going and finished strong. -It’s amazing how much power “the mind” has over you. -I had a pretty good eating week, no confessions there, thank goodness.

-But I did have to skip a workout on Saturday so I only worked out 4 times last week instead of 6. I think I’m ok with that though.

Hope everyone had a great weekend!!!
I think that’s it! Got some stuff to confess???? Let’s discuss!