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*No spoilers ahead!*

Week two.  The DREADED week two.  If you’re familiar with the show, you know that week two can be a tough one for the contestants.  If not, let me explain.  In the first week, most of the contestants lose really big numbers.  If we’re keeping it real, then the reason for this is mostly water weight.  Then in week two, the body puts up red flags and screams, “What the HELL are you doing to me?!?!”  So, it gets a little stingy and holds onto weight.  Then, once, it sees that it’s not being starved, it’ll start dropping big numbers again.

So, in tonight’s episode, the contestants were issued a challenge.  If they could lose a combined weight of 150lbs, they could all stay for another week.  If not, then two people had to go home.

Can I just say how much I love Coach Mo.  He knew how tough week two could be and he sat the other contestants down, kept it real, and said, “Let’s do this.”  He also volunteered to be there as an additional “coach” for anyone who needed it.  Love him.

I must admit, I agreed with Shay when she said Julio was annoying her.  They certainly were portraying him as being lazy, weren’t they?  Makes you wonder if that’s how things really were, or was that reality TV talking.   What do you think?

Next, I hope everyone really paid attention tonight.  Lots of good info was being thrown out there for us.  Oh, and how did you do on the quiz?  Did you get them all right?

Also, I want to play tug of war with Bob and Jillian at one end.  I think I can ‘em!! Okay, not really, but I really would like to give it a try!  Just once!  Should I issue a challenge to them? (Psst, Bob, lose the beard!  And what was with the jackets you and Jillian were wearing?)

One last thought for you.  Did you notice how long they were in the gym and how many calories a day were to burn?  It didn’t give the specifics, but Julio said he had around 1500 calories LEFT to burn in work outs.  They were in that gym way past nightfall.  Folks, here’s where it stops being reality and starts being reality TV.  That is not realistic for us real world people.  This is those contestants full time job.  They eat, sleep, and breath weight loss.  That’s why you see them lose 10 lbs in one week.  Don’t let that keep from encouraging you and inspiring you to lose weight, but keep it real.  Know that their 10 lbs in one week may be your 2-3lbs in one week and that’s just FINE.

Now, your thoughts??  NO SPOILERS PLEASE! ;o)