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So I was pulling out my frozen Weight Watchers Smart Ones, the Fiesta Quesadilla (4 points, super yummy.)

There are two quesadillas inside, and each one is one full serving. So there are two servings in the box. (It’s mentioned pretty much everywhere.)

And as I’m unwrapping the package and reading the directions on how long to cook it, is says the following, which makes me laugh every time I see it and just in case you were confused about how many servings there are in the box:

1.  Remove 1 Quesadilla (1 serving and 1 sleeve from plastic wrapper.)

Yes, the “Remove 1″ is purposefully bolded. Followed by the bolded “1 serving”. Again, I’m sure, just to clear up any confusion.

And these lines are followed by this next very important, very particular instruction:  “Return second Quesadilla to the freezer.”

Which makes me laugh, because what did they think, I was gonna eat it? Did I really need that extra little nudge right there? Do you not trust me, Weigth Watchers?

I suppose I should thank you, Weight Watchers, for being so specific and for looking out for me. Because I’m hungry as a horse out here and almost ate my entire arm and I so wanted to scarf that second one too, but since the box pretty much yelled at me, I stopped myself. I put down the box (in the freezer like you asked me to) and stepped away.

Thank you for saving me, yet again.

That’s all. Have a nice day.