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I’m just going to cut to the chase and weigh-in…..

Last week’s weight: 174 lbs

This week’s weight: 173 lbs

Loss of 1 lb.

Overall challenge loss: 4.5 lbs (not too shabby)

I’m well on my way to losing 10 lbs for this challenge, albiet slowly.  But hey, that’s OK- I AM LOSING THE WEIGHT and that’s all that matters.  

The last few days have been challenging for me because:

  1. My husband is traveling for work
  2. I get to watch my kids day in and day out by myself (again)
  3. I have given up drinking wine in the evening
  4. The last 3 nights, my middle child has been waking 2 times a night and my daughter has been waking 1 time a night and THIS IS NOT NORMAL and I feel like I have a newborn but really, the youngest in my crew is turning 1 this Friday and he’s sleeping the best.  I wake up with a pounding headache due to horrible sleep and Iamwondering,whenwillthiseverend?

Regardless, I am plugging away with the EA 30 Day Challenge and gearing up for the 5K.  I’m journaling (for the most part), what I am eating (and dreaming about what I am not, ha ha).  Good luck to all my sisters and my brothers!