April » Blog Archive » Weigh-In Wednesday: Life


Oh.my.gosh.  Life is really kicking me in the tail right now.  Seriously.

First, there has been a tailgate ever weekend this month.  There’s another one this weekend.  And I LOVE hanging out with my friends.  So, chores are not happening right now, and I do chores on Saturdays.  Work outs are one of those Saturday chores.

Second, I’ve had a headache for a while now.  I also knew this was coming.  It’s the fall allergies/sinuses deal.  I almost can’t function when I have a headache.

So, the solution since work outs aren’t getting done?  Cut calories, right?  Well that would be great except that my body gets very angry with me when I do that.  I’ve slowly been trying to cut out my snack, but that’s also hard to do because my body is so used to eating at a certain time.

I know life happens.  I’m fine with life happening, but I admit I’m a little annoyed and frustrated.  And scared.  I don’t want life to happen so much that I can’t get a handle on things.  It’s happened before.  The good news is that the 5K challenge is coming up, and I’m looking forward to running.  Kelci is too, I think.  We went walking with my friend Lana yesterday (Janet moved. Makes me sad.) and Kelci kept wanting to run, but since Lana isn’t a runner, we walked.

I’m trying though, friends.  I am.  I swear.

That said.  I had another gain this week. *SIGH*  145.0