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As ya’ll already know, I am NOT a runner.  At least, not yet. 

However, I am getting ready to begin our next exercise challenge, which means training for a 5K.  I’m not sure who is more excited- me OR my husband.  He likes to run and has always dreamed of us running together.  Me, not so much.

My hope is that I enjoy running so much that I will move on to training for bigger and longer runs in the future.  Am I jumping ahead of myself?

Regardless, I am going to look HAWT, HAWT, H-A-W-T wearing my f’ugly running shoes.  Since she got a pair, I wanted to one up her and see if I could find an even uglier pair.  No matter how ugly these babies are, they feel like I am walking on air when I wear them.  They are complete Heaven for my feet. 
In addition to my f’ugly running shoes, I will be listening to music on this.
Now, the only thing I am missing is something like this to keep “the girls” stationary and not flopping around.Anyone else ready to get their “run” on for the next challenge?