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September 1st, 2009 | | Posted in EAS 30 Day Challenge |

Wow today started out terrible. Murphy was in full effect. I had committed to something at 2pm and knew I’d have no problem leaving work since everything had been quite lately. Ha. I should know better by now. I ended up spending 5 hours on the phone trying to fix a rather serious issue and then spent another couple hours working on something that had its deadline moved this morning from October to today at 5. Didn’t even think to stop for lunch and I ended up an hour late to my appointment. So I get home at 8 just in time to put the kids to bed and take the trash out. The very first thing I did after that was work out. I’m pretty happy about that. I am not happy about the amount friggin lunges that were in today’s workout. That was ridiculous. I burned 320 calories on medium, so that almost makes up for the 360 calories of pretzels I ate on the way home from work. lol .

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