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After a much needed rest day,  the Sunday night workout was actually pretty easy.  We took a break from the squatfest and did a lot of upperbody things which suprisingly makes me mildly sore.  I didn’t really think there was a enough resistence to get a good burn – turns out I’m pretty sore so thats good.

For the last three workouts I’ve had an audience of my wife, her sister and her husband.  We’ve been arriving from my mother-in-law’s around 9:30pm, putting the kids to bed, then I work out in the living room and they all watch.   I’ve been enduring comments such as   ” Your guy looks like a child molester” and “can’t you make your trainer look hotter ? ” .. not to mention “wow they give you trophies for anything – is there one for having a bowel movement ? ”

I see it as a positive thing though because I couldn’t dial in any of the exercises or else I would get called out for it.  The Thursday and Friday workouts were really hard so having people watch me do those insane lunge jump things really helped me make sure I pushed as hard as possible so as to not look like a video game was kicking my ass that badly.

The down side to having company was that I’ve had access to way too much terrible food for the past 4 days.. donuts and brownies and brownies and donuts.  I’ve gained a few lbs despite my workouts.   I’m ok with it though, I ‘m just happy I haven’t skipped any workouts.

The in-laws are leaving today, which means no more donuts and brownies, but hopefully the workouts will continue!