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One of the winners from the EA Sports Active giveaway we did a few weeks ago is giving us her perspective on the 30 Day Challenge.  Please give a warm welcome to Sue from Loads of Pink!

Sue- Loads of Pink Age 37 I’ve got three girls – hence the blog name Loads of Pink [laundry- that is]; ages 8, 5 & 16 months

I’ve been a part of the Sisterhood since January (I think) but I really began it seriously in April after my little one turned a year.
For this challenge I want to get myself into a good exercise routine and work on getting more fit and having more energy to chase my girls around. I’d love to lose 5 lbs in this challenge and then about 25 lbs more to be back to where I was when I met my husband!

Here we are on day 6 of the 30 Day Challenge! I’m feeling pretty good, sore in spots but good! I am definately not muttering curse words at my trainer like I may have done during the last 30 day challenge with She-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named . I really like how the game is designed; I don’t have to wait long periods of time between exercises like on the Wii Fit software, and you can create your own exercise routines. The positive reinforcement and praise is nice, but beginning to border on too much. I’m beginning to think my trainer is cheating on me with some other client whose pace is actually perfect and whose form is great. I mean really, I know my lunges start to get shaky near the end, you don’t need to lie to me. Or are you just too busy to give me your undivided attention?

I am really glad that I previewed the game the day before the challenge began. It took me a while to actually get everything set up before I could even start the game. I managed to get the resistance band put together as well as mastering the leg strap. It took me a little while longer to figure out how to insert the nunchuk controller into the leg strap the right way. With my practice under my belt, I felt pretty confident going into Day One on Monday. The squats just about killed me though and continued their painful assault on my body the rest of the day and into the next.

I love the resistance band and a lot of the exercises, but I still have a long way to go in mastering some of the exercises. I cannot get more than 5 of the tricks in the in-line skating and I am miserable at tennis, I can’t get the timing on the swing right. I love the kick boxing and hope to see a lot of it in the future. Providing my knees will survive the squat jumps and lunge squats from Friday!

Thanks Sue!  Ya’ll make sure to drop us a line and let us know how you are doing.  If you need a little encouragement or support, or maybe swift kick in the bootie, we can do that as well!

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