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I hate shoes.

More accurately, I hate shoe shopping.

My feet are big.  They are an odd size that isn’t normally carried on store shelves. I also have very narrow heels.

When I started taking up running (which was actually several years ago…this is just the latest incarnation), I knew that I needed to get some halfway decent shoes.  I had tried running in some cheap ones that I used for walking, but they left my shins and ankles aching.

I went to the running store and they had me try on several different pairs.  I settled on a pair of New Balance shoes.  I paid way more money than I wanted to and walked out the door.

In the years since, I have gone shoe shopping several times.  I have always tried on several different shoes, but it’s always the New Balance that I come back to.  They are the only shoes that I have ever tried that have laced in such a way that they fit snuggly on my heels.

This is the pair I own right now.  The WR645SL.  They fit my feet wonderfully and I have very little pain after I am done running.  I tie these babies on and I FEEL like a runner.  They are that good.

I think I have finally figured it out.  New Balance is the shoe for me!

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