You win some, you lose some – Christie O


September 16, 2009 by christieo

So we don’t always keep going in the same direction.

I am up this week, girls (and guy), 1.5. Yup. Up a pound and a half. And I weighed myself about a hundredty times hoping the number would change, but it didn’t. 138 even. I wanted an even number anyways. I didn’t like those half-pounds in there. They annoyed me.

So I don’t know what to say, really, except that the last time I did a triathlon, I gained afterward and it was gone by Thursday. I’m not sure if that will be the same story this time because it was actually a duathlon as opposed to a triathlon (swim canceled) and I did, perhaps, take executive license to eat things I normally don’t in mad quantity after the race, so it may just be because I ate that way, period, and I didn’t track my points from Saturday through Monday. But now I’m back and tracking, baby. And I took off yesterday and today with exercise because my hamstring is screaming at me. Plus, my three-year-old’s sick. I think we all have to take it easy this week.

Moving on. Did you watch Biggest Loser last night? Did you bawl like a baby like I did?? I’m so glad they brought back Daniel. I loved him last season and was so sad to see him go!

How come Weight Watchers didn’t give me my point back that they took away last week? Boogers.

Chicken Stroganoff is in the crockpot Man that stuff is good, thanks Lisa.

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How did you do this week????