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Yeah, so, this challenge was enough to make me want to stick a fork in my brain and twist it.  Not because it wasn’t a fantastic challenge, but because of me.  I knew that this is a hard time of year for me to lose weight.  I knew that I gave myself a goal or something ridiculous like 10lbs.  Any other time of year but this time of year, 10lbs may not be so ridiculous.  This time of year, it was like shooting myself in the foot.

Yet, still I was frustrated.  Even though I basically went into maintain mode and have been maintaining a my weight (give or take a few pounds), I was still frustrated.  Then I realized that I’ve been going strong for two years with only a two month period of maintaining.  Mentally, I was worn out.  I needed a break.

Allowing myself to take a break (in anything, but especially weight loss) is hard for me.  I feel like I always have to keep focused, and if I don’t, a lot of times, I’ll just quit.  It took a bit in me to realize that this time, taking a break isn’t quitting.  It’s just simply taking a break.  This doesn’t mean that I go crazy and quit exercising and eating right.  It means that I do enough to maintain where I am.  I still eat healthy (with a few treats thrown in) and I still exercise, just on a smaller scale.

So, I didn’t lose this challenge.  If I’m being honest, I’m up.  I’m not thrilled about it, but I’m okay with it.

Once I realized that my cans weren’t really adding up, I decided that I would give what I set out for my goal.  Because this challenge wasn’t just about us.  It also was about giving back to the community.  To help those who really need it.

Also, I’ve decided that from here on out, whatever I lose during a challenge, I’m also going to give food back to the community.  It felt nice to go shopping knowing that I was going to help feed someone who can’t afford it themselves.

So, for our parade of cans, here are my 160 oz. (well okay fine, I added another 12oz so I could make the “J”.  I’ll give that 12oz too.)