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I am sure you have heard about a few of us around here being Community Leaders for the EA Sports Active 5K Challenge. I would be doing this too, if it wasn’t for my dang back issues that are plaguing me at the moment. Instead, I am cheering from the sidelines!

I have a tendency to use anything as an excuse NOT to exercise, even though I KNOW I feel so, so much better when I do it on a regular basis. What’s up with that??

I have decided to have an exercise challenge for myself, and all of you other NON-RUNNERS out there! Here’s the deal:

*We are going to pledge to exercise for FORTY minutes, FIVE days a week for the next FOUR weeks! Got that?

*Your choice of how you get it done: cycling, walking, Wii Fit, EAS Active, aerobics, swimming… you name it. As long as your body is moving, it counts!

*We will throw in some mini-challenges as well! Hula, anyone?

*All you 5K’ers out there are welcome to participate too, just count your training towards the goal!

Who’s with me??

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