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Wow, I cannot believe it’s over already! I LOVED this challenge, one of my favorites ever!

I really truly loved it for so many reasons, the first of which was because we all lost it for a good cause. And I am bringing 7 pounds (plus more just because) to my local food bank and when I hold that 7 pounds in my arms, I am going to know that that is no longer on my body.

Hopefully never to return again, too.

This challenge helped me grow as a person and an athlete. It motivated me to exercise, to eat right and to remain disciplined. Of course, like in any 6 week span, life got in the way, there was illness, there were times I couldn’t motivate, but it’s moving past all of that that makes you grow as a person.

My final weight in the challenge is 133.5, which was the Weight Watchers goal I set. I am 1 pound away from a healthy BMI. I have not been this weight since 2001.

Using Weight Watchers is what finally propelled me into the land of the 130’s. Can I actually get into the 120’s? Honestly, that thought scares me. I have never been or strived to be the best I can be. Because I don’t think I’ve ever thought that much of myself. Not only did I never really think I could, I don’t think I’ve ever thought I was worth it. So venturing outside of those thoughts, to actually think that yes, I can have muscles, and weigh 120-something, and yes it is worth it and I am worth it, it’s way way wayyy out of my comfort zone because not only do I have doubts I can do it, I have doubts about staying there. And because I have a long history of yo-yo-ing, my biggest fear is gaining it all back. My husband talks about having another baby. But that’s what started all of this in the first place. I was over 200 pounds in my pregnancies. I didn’t lose a whole lot by the time the babies came out, either.

How awful will I feel if that happens again? How can I prepare myself for that possibility? Just to think how hard I had to work, how many fears I’ve had to face to get here, it literally scares the crap out of me to have to do itall over again. I can hardly even think about it.

It terrifies me. So for now, I’m going to try and continue on the same path, maintain my healthy eating and exercise habits (almost obsessively because my metabolism hates me). Because if I don’t, I will, without a doubt, end up where I was before in my size 16 and approaching 18 and it was devastating in that place. Maybe it’ll be different if I get pregnant again because I’m starting at a lower weight. But maybe it won’t. One thing at a time, I know.

In the meantime, I’m going to need you all to help me stay put and help me maintain after I lose a few more pounds. I mean really help me. I can’t fall off course. I just can’t.

This challenge ends with my excitement because I’ve gotten to where I’ve wanted for so long. I have done a crazy amount of running and biking and swimming, things I’ve never thought I’d do ever. And as the cool weather moves in, I am going to finish out the warm weather season with one final triathlon next weekend and focus on the goals of the new year. What a kick ass year it’s been.

Thank you, sisters, for all your encouragement and tips and recipes and sisterhood and bloggy love and support. I truly could never have walked this path alone. I look forward to tackling the next challenge with you!!!

How did you do this challenge? Is there anything you want to see more of? What helped you the most?? What was your favorite and least favorite part? Any suggestions for future challenges???