Lose For Good + Giveaway! | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


from L to R: Judy, Mary, Rosemary, me, Debbie, William

I had the opportunity to meet some of the most fabulous, upbeat Weight Watchers leaders while I was attending the L.A. kickoff event in August. These four women and one man have such warm, wonderful personalities and it’s easy to see how they motivate people! I got all their email addresses so I could keep in touch, then misplaced it until the other day when I was cleaning. Funny how you find stuff when you clean.

Anyway, I dropped them a line to see how things were going and heard back from Mary right away. I am simply AMAZED at the success she and her Crest Hill team have had so far! Mary has gone above and beyond for the Lose For Good campaign. Each week was designated a new theme (and omg, does this not sound so fun??) and the members would bring in items equal to or over their weight lost for the week:

Week 1: Frankie Valli and the 4 Seasonings ,,,oil,vinegar, salt, pepper, mustard….anything 2: Fleetwood Mac- aroni Anything to do with pasta…..sauce, noodles, parm. cheese etc 3: Soup-premes (Supreme’s) Soups and canned goods in general. “soup! In the name of love!” 4. Elton John Toiletry products (my personal favorite) 5. The Vee Gees (The Bee Gees) Veggies 6. Celine Dion : Ka-Lean Deon (a stretch I know) for cleaning products

7. Frank Sanatra and the Snack Pack (Rat Pack) snacks and anything else!