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I always love to see signs of progress, but honestly after the week I’ve had, maintenance is good.

No workouts. No counting points. No, I wasn’t lazy. I was laid out. I had no voice, no energy, my body hurt and I was one big germ for 5 days. For a third week in a row, I will log my 134.5.

Weight Watchers asked me if I was happy with this (online) when I weighed in and I said yes. (It gives you options if you’re not happy) But by God yes, I am happy, because I probably should have gained 10. Which makes me think that hmm. There must be something to this consistency thing. Because I think I may have whipped my metabolism into submission! That’s my only explanation for the maintenance!

So now that I’m back at it (kind of, still not 100%) it feels pretty good. Time to refocus.

How did you do? Do you lurrrve the new banner or what???