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Today was the first day of my training for the 5K.  How do I put this?

My legs are SORE!

I just might be the slowest runner out there, BUT I did it.  I ran the training as outlined for today:  5 minute warm-up, 5 minute jog, 3 minute walk, 5 minute jog, 3 minute walk, 5 minute jog, 5 minute cool down.

For fun, and because I was still pretty far away from my starting point, I added another 5 minute jog to that list, although by then, I was literally “running” at a snail’s pace.  Where I ran was underwater (as in flooded) just two days ago, so it was really interesting to see where the water had been.  It gave me lots to look at.

During my “run”, I also saw deer, several times over.  How cool is that?  I was a tiny bit worried that one might jump out at me when I was least expecting it and that I would have to come here and admit to getting smacked over by a deer.  But that didn’t happen!

As I was running/jogging/breathing heavily, my mind cleared of all the stress from this past weekend.  I. let. everything. go.

It felt awesome NOT to hold onto that baggage.

And then I was quickly reminded of why I enjoyed running back in junior high school.  Junior high is tough enough with all the hormone changes going on, the pre-teen angst, the STUFF.  I ran back then to let it all go.

And so it was today.

Even though my legs are so very sore, even though I fell asleep ON THE FLOOR ON MY BACK, as my 3.5 year old colored in a coloring book, right next to me, talking the whole time, even though I can just imagine how much sorer I am going to be during the next training run……

I am going to keep with it.  I am going to keep running.

Oh yeah, an iPod is a must!  BONUS- I burned 400 calories in 40 minutes- wahooooo!!!!!  How do I know this?  I use the Polar Heart Rate Monitor, another fitness must.

How did you do?  Or if you aren’t running the 5K, what exercise did you do today?

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