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Since we tend to plan ahead here at the Sisterhood, I knew we were going to start a running challenge early in September. This gave me the opportunity to  ask for a few key items for my birthday! An iPod Nano (5th Generation) and Nike+ iPod Sport Kit.

Nike+ iPod Sport Kit ($29.99) is a sensor that fits into the insole of you Nike running shoe, or you can  buy an inexpensive adaptor (mine was $3.50) to hook it to your shoe laces. If you don’t have an iPod (Nano or Touch or iPhone all work), you can purchase a sport band to wear on your wrist. The iPod/sport band collects info from the sensor as your run: distance, time, pace, and calories burned. Once you sync your iPod up to iTunes, or hook your sport band up to your computer via USB, you can upload all your run data to the Nike+ website. All of your run data is stored there, and you can track your progress, set up challenges, or join other challenges. You can also connect with other runners in the Nike+ community.

So far, I’ve used the Nike+ iPod Sport Kit while I’ve trained for my 5K this past week. I haven’t set up a free account on the Nike+ site yet,  but I’m planning to this week. Once or twice I’ve had an issue getting the sensor on my shoe to sync with my iPod, but once I got it synced, it was awesome. There’s a stop watch built in which helps when you’re alternating between running and walking. You’re also able to select the songs you want to play during your run, or just choose shuffle for all your tunes. There a Power Song feature that allows you to set one song up as your POWER song for when you’re needing a boost to keep going. All you have to do is hit the center button on your iPod to fire it up.

Overall, I am very happy with the Nike+ iPod Sport Kit. I think it’s exactly the little piece of technology I needed to help me get excited about training and running. Paired with the EA Sports Active 5K program, I don’t see anything but success in my future!

As with anything I buy, I thoroughly researched the Nike+ iPod Sport Kit. The reviews are definitely mixed. One of the main issues people have is with the sensor. You cannot replace the battery in it, so when it dies, you have to spend $19 on a new one. Sensor life seems to range from a few months to a year and half, based on the reviews I read. People either love it or hate. Before you make any purchase, I highly recommend checking out for product reviews. If you own a Nike+ iPod Sport Kit, please share you opinion with the Sistherhood by leaving a comment on this post!

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