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First things first: I weighed in today and I’ve gained 1.3 pounds since Saturday. But, not completely unexpected. I have not been well enough to work out for quite a while, but my appetite did make an appearance over the weekend. It’s gone again – no fun – I’m just SO ready to be healthy and eating and exercising normally again!

Even though I’ve gained a bit back, I’m sticking with what I lost within the challenge –  7.9 pounds.  And, I will multiply each pound by five to donate forty pounds of food.

Which I had every intention of purchasing and photographing before today, but haven’t felt healthy enough to leave the house.

So, for now, I have my cans to represent the 7.9 pounds (but I promise I will get 40 pounds over to the food bank as soon as I feel up to it…and I’ll post about it too!):

It’s kind of a crazy visual, seeing all that extra weight that was ON MY BODY. Even stranger? Putting it in a bag and carrying it around.

Seriously, how glad am I to be rid of that weight? GOOD RIDDANCE!

So, are you ready for the next challenge? I sure am! I’m looking forward to going into the holiday season healthy and slimmer than my friends and family have seen me for a long time!

Stay tuned over at the Sisterhood main page for more details. The next challenge starts next Wednesday!