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Psssst.  Confession time…all this healthy living stuff can be kind of a drag at times.  I try to pump myself up by chanting mantras such as ‘Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels’ or ‘You’re not going to die from running’ (though sometimes I question this).

Sometimes, I need to resort to full on bribery.

My problem has always been that I tend to lean toward food (or alcohol) related rewards. Such as, if I do really well this week, we’ll go out for a nice meal. Or I’ll get an ice cream. Or I’ll drink a bottle of wine.

During the 21 Day Challenge a few months back, I decided that as an incentive, I would do something nice for myself if I reached my goal.  After much deliberation, I decided on a handmade skirt from Gocks Frocks on Etsy.  It was something pretty, something I wouldn’t normally buy for myself. Not too expensive, but a little bit of a splurge. And it was something tangible I could think about when I started getting sidetracked from my health goals.

Did it work?

YES. I lost 4.4 pounds and the skirt came in the mail yesterday. I can’t wait to wear it. Even better? The fact I had to work so hard for it, every time I wear the skirt, it will remind me of  the fact that I made a goal and I followed through.

The great thing about non-food rewards is that they can be for any goal, no matter how large or small.You can make mini-goals or dream up a fantastic reward for a long term goal.  And they don’t have to be something you spend money on.

Sometimes I make a deal with myself – make it through this run and you can have a long bubble bath while perusing the latest issue of US Weekly The Economist. And simple as that may sound, it is enough to push through my run.

I’ll admit that, yes, being healthy and looking great SHOULD be incentive enough. But sometimes, a little treat for a job well done is the cherry on top.

So, do you reward yourself? What for? What kind of prizes do you lean towards? Are you guilty of the food related bribe? Tell all! I’m hoping to get some new ideas for my next little present to myself!

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