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Gather ’round Sisters and Brothers, because I have a very exciting story to tell. You see, it all started about a year ago when a couple of girls with uncomfortably tight jeans decided they wanted to shrink, and encourage other people to shrink, too. Then they recruited a guy, which kinda screwed up the whole Sisterhood name, but he was willing to roll with it. Well, guess what? It’s been a huge success. Their jeans are shrinking to sizes they’ve never seen before and they’ve made so many new friends. And all those friends? They’re shrinking, too. I know, right?!! It’s a dream come true.

Because those girls (and boy) loved what they were doing so much, they decided to find a way to make it easier and more fun for everyone to connect. Sure, there were comments on posts, and twitter was always around for getting their 140 characters out, but they longed for more. They needed more. They sought MORE. (Okay, one of those girls thought she found the more a couple months back, but it turned out to be not more, but a huge flop.)

Well, MORE has arrived. Right here, right now. It’s still called the Hood, but OMIGOD, it’s so much more. Seriously. You’re going to fall all over yourselves once you see how awesome it is (just don’t pull anything, k?).

Before you get all clicky and head over to the-new-improved-absolutely-MORE-Hood, sit back and relax while we woo you with all of it’s wonderful features. Close your eyes and visualize with us. Okay, wait, you can’t read if your eyes are closed, so just crack them a little so you can see the words. Okay, go to your happy place now…..

Personal pages, friends, forums, groups, chat, walls, music, photos, videos. YES! It’s kinda like Sisterhood Facebook. For real. It’s open to everyone, not just those wanting to lose weight, but those maintaining, those interesting in fitness, healthy living, nutrition, running, you name it!

  1. Click here to Join The hood.
  2. You’ll get an email asking you to verify your email address, so go ahead and click that link. VOILA!
  3. Once you’re in The hood, you’ll be on the main page, but you’ll want to click on over to My Page (that would be your page) and get things all cozy. You can edit and move things around. Add apps, upload pictures, music, etc.
  4. Friends: Just click on the members link and click on the avatar of the person you want to friend! You can check them out first, of course!
  5. Forums: We set up some default categories for our forums. You’ll find the drop down menu up on the navbar. Just hover over it. Once you’re in the category you need, feel free to +Add a Discussion!
    • General – that’s where general stuff will go. Challenge info, help, welcome, introduce yourselves, etc.
    • Support – that’s where you want to go if you’re having a bad day. Heck a bad week. You need a pick me up, or maybe you have some encouragement to offer!
    • Fitness – you guessed it, it’s all about fitness. Right now we have a thread for the EA Sports 5K challenge, but feel free to start your own discussion!
    • Nutrition and Diet – Bingo. Pretty self-explanatory!
    • Recipe Swap – One of my faves!! Have a recipe you want to share? +Add a Discussion!
  6. Chat: if you click on Chat in the navbar, it opens the chat window. You can click on a member to have a private chat. Or you can just chat out in the open and see who answers! Also, if you look at the bottom right of the page (only not when you’re on the chat page), there’s a bar with the chat feature! SA-WEET! You can change your status to offline if you don’t feel like chatting!
  7. HELP!!!! – yes, we do have a help discussion already set up. Please let us know if you have any questions AT ALL by clicking Help in the navbar and typing out your question.
  8. Invite: Because the hood is so freaking awesome, we want you to invite others to hang out with us! Just click Invite in the navbar and enter their email addresses!

So that’s kinda it in a nutshell! Go forth and enjoy the hood. That’s pretty much an order.

Oh, if you had previously joined the (other) hood, we’ve disabled it because it pretty much didn’t work like we thought it was going to. So sorry to have wasted anyone’s time 🙁

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