True Confessions Monday: Christie O. | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


Well well well.

It’s that time of week again, the kind where we spill our guts all over the page for the entire internet to see. I confess to you all the following:

1. I bought a “perfect brownie” pan. (Do you mean, the one that makes ALL EDGES?! Why yes I do!) I  couldn’t help myself, truly. It was at Toys R Us of all places and I had no intention of ever seeing this pan in real life, I had only seen it and lusted after it in commercials. Then all of a suddent there it was, staring right at me. (It was next to the pink Snuggie I also want, but did not purchase.) I needed it. It is now in my home.

2. I fully intend on using it. I have already bought the brownie mix. But at this point, I think I might wait till Wednesday. Or maybe after the final weigh in. Just in case.

3. I didn’t count my points this week.

4. Or last week either. (Gah!) I was laid out with some random non-swine-flu thing.

5. I am really letting it all hang out right here, aren’t I?

6. I have maintained the past two weeks. Pretty happy about that.

7. However, once I had some pizza during week one of my non-point-counting, it too followed then the Mickey D’s and the Chick Fil A, and the Chinese food. I know. It all went downhill.

8. I have, however, exercised like a maniac. So there’s that, at least.

9. After I fall off the wagon, I feel gross and pretty quickly go back to eating well because I feel so much better that way.

10. Sunday I had an amazing breakthrough open water swim and bike and hopped right back on the wagon. Just couldn’t bring myself to ruin that workout with crappy eating. So I’m back, baby! It’s the last week of the challenge, gotta get movin!!

What are your confessions? Please share in the comments. I bet it can’t get any worse than mine!

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