True Confessions Monday *Melissa* | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


It’s Monday! You know what that means! Time to confess all your sins of the past week so that you can get on with your bad self and start NEW and FRESH.

Here I go, these are not all food & health related, but it’s more fun that way, no?

1. I am feeling unfulfilled.

2. When I am unhappy, I tend to not care what I put in my mouth. I haven’t been stuffing my face, but I think I have forgotten what fruit and veggies are.

3. I kind of picked up smoking again this past summer, quit judging, it’s been a horrendous year, you know a couple a day. I know, I know. Well, this week I had two on the day of my injection and that is all. I quit! Woot!

4. I have an overwhelming urge to dye my hair really dark. I get this way at least once a year. Should I or shouldn’t I?

5. It’s been cold all week and I haven’t shaved my legs. My husband is out of town for another 2 1/2 weeks, no one will ever know. Except now I just told the whole world.

6. Exercise was nonexistent for me this week. This week *I will* make my re-debut at the gym. You have my permission to kick me in the ass and make me go.

There you have it. I feel better now. I swear I lost at least two pounds by unloading all of that. Let’s hear all your juicy confessions! GO! BLOG! RETURN! LINK!

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