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October 22nd, 2009 | | Posted in Uncategorized |

So after the kids went to bed last night.. I put on the stocking cap and my magic shoes and ran for 30 minutes around the neighborhood. This was after I spent 6 yrs trying to get my dang iTunes setup correctly. I have a couple of installs on different computers and I was having a hard time getting all the songs I had bought from iTunes together on a playlist as they were on different machines. I finally got it.. but I couldn’t get them to play in the correct order. But whatever.. it did its job. I clipped the nano to the back of my hat and away I went.. Its kinda hard to skip a song when the ipod is clipped to the back of your head though… So I’m gonna need to find the armband thing that came with the clip thing.. maybe I’ll have more luck with that.  At any rate, I ran almost the exact same distance in the exact same time.   So atleast the Nike+ sensor thing is consistent , if not accurate.

Thanks so much for all the love you showed me on my first run, I knew I could count on you guys for some motivation. I really appreciate it !!!

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