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Hello sisters and brothers!! Today is weigh-in day here at the Sisterhood, and we want to know how you did this past (non-challenge) week! Did you keep up your momentum and shrink some more? We hope so. Hop on those scales and let us know how you did, okay!

And now for the important stuff! SHOW US YOUR CANS!!! That’s right, we want to see all the cans you collected during the Shrink for Good challenge. Did you gather them all up and take some pictures of them? Yes? PERFECT! Be-bop on over to your blog and post about them. Tell us about your overall loss, how many pounds of cans you’re donating, and why you loved this challenge so much. Because you loved it right? I know we did. So much! While you’re at it, please add your photos to our Sisterhood Flickr Group! We want to be able to share all the fabulous can shots with our friends from Weight Watchers!

After you’re done posting and sharing you link, start clicking and join the parade! Go look at everyone else’s cans!!!

For those of you who post pictures of your cans on your blogs and link back to the Sisterhood, we’re going to have a random drawing for the Weight Watchers Lose for Good reusable totes. They are quite awesome and highly sought after items!! The best thing is we have 10 to give away! WOOT!

As if we weren’t having enough fun, it’s now time for us to announce the Biggest Shrinker for the Shrink for Good challenge!!

PAM @ Journey to the Healthier Side of Life

She lost 18.6 pounds, or 6.33% of her body weight. WOW! Congratulations, Pam! We are all so proud of you and your amazing loss.

I know you’re all on the edge of your seats for the announcement of our next challenge! Am I right, or am I right, or am I right? Ha!! Well here are some the deets:

  • The new challenge will begin next Wednesday, October  28th and will run through Wednesday, December 16th. Yep, lucky number 7 (weeks!).
  • Since November is our 1 year anniversary month here at the Sisterhood, we’re going have some extremely awesome and extravagant things going on around here! Lots of fun giveaways and a brand new fitness challenge which we’ll start after we run the EA Sport Active 5K on Sunday, November 8th – World Run Day!!
  • As always, the new challenge is open to everyone! Sisters, Brothers, those with a little lose, those with a lot, and those who just need motivation to stay healthy.

So that’s it for now! Go forth and continue shrinking!!

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