Weigh-In Wednesday!! (*almost* done) – The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


Good morning ladies and gentlemen! How did it go this week? Are you staying on the wagon or has life thrown you off a bit? Are you participating in our 5K training challenge or the Forty in Five challenge? How is that working for you?

We are nearing the end of our Shrink for Good challenge! The Lose for Good challenge officially ends on Saturday, October 17th, so that is going to be our FINAL weigh-in! Make sure you write it on your calendar, it is an oh-so-important day and we will want to know your official ending weight to calculate our totals. Speaking of Lose for Good, I am having an open house for those of you who can attend! Hope to see you there!

We are also planning a Parade of Cans for next Wednesday! That’s right! We want to see the Sisterhood’s food donations, so make sure you get photos taken of your goods sometime between Saturday and next Wednesday! We will have a post set up where we can all link to our blogs and see each other’s stashes! We also encourage you to upload them to our Shrinking Jeans Flickr group!

Have you entered our giveaway with Run U Mother? Winners of the Lose For Good tote bags are:  bwJen, Nancy, Pam, TrishaIamSucceeding, and BrookeF!!! Congrats ladies, email me ([email protected]) with your contact info and we will get the bags sent on their way!

We have big, BIG things planned for November! It’s our ONE-YEAR anniversary and we are going to be having a featured giveaway/review EACH DAY! We are looking for corporate sponsors to participate in this awesome opportunity, for more info contact us at [email protected].

Whew! That was kind of a lot to take in, no? You may want to go back and read it just to make sure you got it all! Now, GO! Step on your scales, blog, and link to here so we can come visit you! Have a GREAT day! See you on weigh-in Saturday!

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