Pounding the pavement – The Shrinking Jeans of Lisa


November 10, 2009 by lisa

I ran a 5K this past weekend (twice, in fact!).

Afterwards, I decided immediately that I did not want my running experiences to end there.

I made the decision to run a Turkey Trot FIVE MILER on Thanksgiving morning, with my husband.

Thanksgiving isn’t very far away, is it?!!!!!

Anyhoo, this morning was my first time to run something longer than 3 miles.

I went for it and ran 4.2 miles in 51 minutes.  That includes my 2 minute warm-up walk and 3 minutes of walking in the middle.  My iPod battery died around mile 3.25 and from there on out, I just said “Screw it” and ran like no other.  Once I got my breathing under control and my feet pounding the pavement in a steady beat, I hauled ass!

4.2 miles in 51 minutes. Yeah, I know it’s not the fastest time out there, but I don’t care.  I feel awesome and like I have accomplished something.   I HAVE accomplished something.

I am going to keep running.