ShrinkaVersary, Week 4! – The Shrinking Jeans of Thea


November 25, 2009 By thea

Evidently, I missed Week 3…which just goes to show you that my mental state has not been at it’s best lately.

After 2 weeks of feeling like crap, I’m finally going to the doctor today.  I figured after I couldn’t open my mouth or chew food at dinner, that probably things weren’t right in my head, LOL!

That being said, I’m 1.5 pounds…but that’s over 2 weeks.  Between feeling like crap, feeling sorry for myself and subsequently not eating well and not exercising…I’ll take it. Not to mention biology is being a bitch this week.

I haven’t even been keeping track of my miles.  I have no idea where I am with that and I’m not sure I have the desire to go back and try to figure it out.

There is a fine line between taking care of yourself and babying yourself.  I hate that.  I am ready to start feeling normal again.  Here’s hoping antibiotics do their job.  Gotta get this course done (even though they haven’t even been prescribed yet) before I start yet another course in mid-December.