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So its been a full year since we’ve been here. Thats crazy.  I went back to my very first post and found that my plan from a year  ago (though I am 35lbs lighter) is still exactly what I need to do now. So I think I’m going to start taking advice from a younger, heavier me.   The only thing different now is that I  quit drinking diet coke completely..but i’ve also stopped drinking water completely… so maybe we’ll go back to the water n diet coke regiment.   So here it is… post #1:

I have this song stuck in my head from our new friend Joshua Radin.. Brand New Day .. and it is.  I mean literally, its 5:30am and I am on the train to work.  But also its a new day in sense that I am going to stick to all the ideas that have been running through my head regarding how exactly I’m going to go about losing this weight.  See, I haven’ t been in this particular situation before.   When I was fourteen, I really thought I was fat, but I really wasn’t.  When I was 26, I really was fat, but didn’t think I was.  When I was 28 I thought I was fat — but again, I really wasn’t.  Now at 31(ok 32 in 6 days) I really am fat and I know it.  So  who knows what will happen.  I have lost 60 lbs before but I have also gained it back.  But whatever, its a brand new day so lets keep looking forward.

This is what I have come up with so far, in no particular order.

1.  Get more sleep — I am up way too much.. I go to bed between 11:30 and 12:30 and get up at 4:30. That is a lot of time to eat.

2.  Plan my meals  –  I need to plan everything and not eat unless its scheduled. This will be really difficult but it will make a huge difference.

3. Drink a glass of water before each can of pop. I drink a fair amount of Diet Coke. I mean I drink ALOT of diet coke, so I need to drink a 12oz glass of water before each 12 oz can. That should help my water intake.

4. Stay Focused – its so easy to fall off track, so easy.   That’s where this blog thing should come in handy.

5. Get off my butt – I have to find a way to get into a routine of going to the gym.

With #2 in mind.. today I am going to eat…

1 weight watcher muffin for breakfast

48oz of black coffee

1 Healthy Choice Thingy for lunch

20oz of water

20oz of Diet Coke

20oz of water

20oz of Diet Coke

12 oz of Water

12oz of Diet Coke

Whatever scrummy dinner Bethie makes.

12oz water

12oz Diet Coke

12oz water

12oz Diet Coke

2 Edy’s fruit bars  (80 calories 0 fat each)

Not sure how interesting this blog is going to be, but its got to be more interesting then me talking about computers…