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So I took off for my evening run after the kids went to bed. The idea was that I would really push it on the straightaways to try to improve my time. So I’m running what I think is really fast, but the distances don’t seem to be coming up on the Nike+ the same way as they did on Saturday even though I’m running the same route. When I finished the exact same route which was 5K on Saturday, tonight it told me I had 300 some more meters to go !! Ugg ! So I kept running so that it registered me finishing the 5k. I finished in about the same time as Saturday, but I ran freaking 300m+ more. So I feel good that I dropped about a minute thirty off my time, but so bummed that Nike+ isn’t consistent. There were two things different about tonights run. First, I had duct tape over the Nike+ receiver, since my Nano holder wasn’t made for Nike+ I put some duct tape on it to secure it. Second, it was colder out. So cold I could see my breath and my nipples got wind burned or something. Freakin hurts. So I dunno, maybe when I run wednesday it will be warmer out and I won’t use duct tape on the receiver and we’ll see what happens.