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So  many of you know I was chosen to be an Active for Life Challenger by EA SPORTS Active. If you didn’t know,  you can check out my post about it here. So about a week after I was selected, my contact at EA SPORTS, KP (@Active_Girl), emailed and asked if I could get away to San Francisco for a commercial shoot. Yeah, I had to read that email about 10 times before I believed it!

I arrived in California on Sunday and had wardrobe fittings. I basically tried on a gazillion different outfits and had my picture taken in each one, so the producer could choose what he liked best.
Some of the options were no so pretty, and many of them were full-on spandex, which I try to avoid at all costs. HELLO!!!!

Yesterday, I was picked up and taken to the studio, which was really just a converted warehouse, for the shoot. I was wardrobed, and approved by the EAS folks, then I hit hair and make-up, and finally I got to sit and wait some. The great thing about sitting and waiting was I got to meet and get to know Renee. She’s seriously awesome!

The rest of the day was simply amazing. Like nothing I’ve ever experienced before. With over 50 people on the crew, the place was hopping. It was also very hot because of the bright lighting. I was also comfortable, had coffee or water in my hand, and everyone made sure I had everything else I needed. Seriously, these people rocked!