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Comfort eating has taken it’s toll and I’m up 1.1 to 167.8.

I’m cutting straight to the chase cause I’m kind of pissed at myself and know exactly what happened, so I won’t even try to make excuses.

I know my triggers. Fortunately, I am removing many of these triggers from my life, so hopefully the comfort eating will follow. Buh-bye!

So, as good as all that yummy food tasted over the weekend, it has caused me grief today. So not worth it.

That’s that. I had good intentions for last week, but things went awry. It happens, right?

And exerise…I logged only 9 measly miles last week.

It was the perfect storm of bad food and little exercise.

Whew. Today is sunny, today is a good day for a nice run. Who’s with me?