EAS Active More Workouts, Day 1 – The Shrinking Jeans of Melissa


November 20, 2009 By Lissa

It’s after 9pm on a Friday night. I had planned to do the first workout this morning, but I was having a hell of a day and promised myself I would do it later. For once, I actually followed through! Can I get a WOOT? What you say??

So my thoughts… started on high intensity, MUCH more fun than the first EAS Active. Love all the variety. I would totally LOVE the obstacle and the jumping things….. but… OH, my aching back. Damn, damn, DAMN. Six months later and I am still crippled by this damn back issue. Hate.It.So.Much. I cannot jump. Awful pain. I tried to modify the exercises to the best of my knowledge. I have herniated discs in the L4-L5 region. Bending forward aggravates the nerve pain, as does jumping. I modified the bending, kept the lower abs tight, when doing the floor ab work, put a small, rectangular pillow under the arch of my back. But there is A LOT of jumping moves.

So, advice?? KP, can I get some input? EAS Active Trainer fella? I know you are out there, but your name eludes me right now!

Overall, I thought it was pretty great! Love the new setting and customizations and the sparring/boxing exercises are awesome!