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Right now, I’m sitting on our patio, overlooking the pool and the ocean. My son has finally passed out for naptime after fighting it for nearly an hour. It’s about 80 and there are about five books staring at me from the deck chair to my right.

So, I’m not going to write a whole lot today.

But, I needed to tell ya’ll something.

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving (but your reading this ON Thanksgivng. Sorry to be so confusing!). And what am I most thankful for this year (besides my family and all the usual stuff)?

The Sisterhood.

Why? Because ya’ll have given me something back that I have been sorely missing since I lost my job last February. Maybe even before that.

I have ME back. I am taking care of myself. I am eating right. I am writing. I feel more fulfilled.

Case in point – this morning, I got up at 6 a.m. (thank you different time zone!).  Instead of walking across the street for pastries and coffee, I left my son in the care of his grandparents (my husband was still blissfully asleep) and went for a run.

A run whilst on vacation. This, people, is huge. I DON’T EXERCISE WHILE I’M ON VACATION (okay, I used to really not exercise, um, at all. Details).

I felt kind of awful at first, but I pushed through it. Running on a trail next to the beach, with the waves crashing and chickens running across my path (if you’ve never been to Kauai, they kind of have a wild chicken problem, no joke) – well, it was kind of a religious experience.

The motivation to get out for a run, even though I didn’t feel like it – I totally owe this new found strength to the Sisterhood.

Thank you, all of you.

From the bottom of my heart, have a wonderful and warm Thanksgiving.

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