ShrinkaVersary Weigh in 4 – The Shrinking Jeans of Christy


November 25, 2009 By Christy

This week I was SO looking forward to finally falling into the 130s, and it didn’t happen. I’ve been on this journey long enough to not let this get me down. I know I’m doing what I need to do, and this past week I may have overindulged in the salty & sweet foods just a little bit too much. Overindulgence wasn’t the only thing on the menu though, because I also exercised like a maniac! The exercise wasn’t quite enough for me to register a loss, though.

So I know where I went wrong: birthday cake, Italian food, apple pie, too much food at my son’s school t-day party, etc. etc.

And I also know where I went right: 6.8 miles logged (25.8 total for the challenge), 3 days of my EA SPORTS Active 6 Week Challenge

The results: Last week: 141.2 This week: 141.6

Gain: 0.4

It’s really a minor gain, and I know I’ll get it off, I just hope that I don’t add to it over the next few days! I see lots of water, exercise, and portion control in my very near future!

Happy Thanksgiving to ALL of you! Hope it’s wonderful for you