Shrink-a-versary Weigh In: Week 2 – The Shrinking Jeans of Heather


November 11, 2009 by heather

This week could have gone either way, scale wise.

I ran more than usual. A good thing. I ate a ton of microwave popcorn (not the light kind).  A bad thing – HELLO SALT! But, I did make an effort to guzzle water with the popcorn fest, so I must have counteracted the bloating damage.

I’m down .7 for this week. I kind of miss my big losses, but you know? This is okay too. As long as I keep shrinking, I’m totally fine with smaller losses. Besides, I kind of feel like the smaller losses are the ones that stick. Most weeks where I lose a lot, well, some creeps back on.

I leave for Kauai in less than 2 weeks. I will not be wearing a bikini – however, I won’t feel like I need to cover up my one piece. No giant t-shirt for me! And if I can get down a couple more pounds, where I’m under 165, well, that’d be pretty fabulous.

My goal for hitting 160 by the end of this challenge is still in sight. Five more weeks. And I’m armed with the Globetrotting challenge, and the new EA Sports Active More Workouts challenge that’s starting next week. If I log my points (because honestly, I’ve been pretending points don’t exist neglecting) hopefully that will add the oomph I need.

Another thing? My moonlighting as a caretaker ends this week. My mother-in-law finishes her last round of radiation today. She has done two week long rounds of chemo and a full seven weeks of radiation in the last two months! She is responding astoundingly well her doctors are very positive. We really could not have hoped for a better result.  Only time will tell how this story goes, but we are hopeful.

So, I just want to give a big thank you to all my supportive peeps in the Sisterhood. I honestly came very close to losing my mind (and my willpower to resist all that comfort eating) in the last few months, but I always knew I could come here and receive nothing but support, love and of course, laughs. Nothing like hooker-talk to bring a smile to my face!

Now, to this week – logging points, logging miles. I’m all over it. Are you?