Shrink-a-Versary Weigh In – Week Three | The Sisterhood of the Shrinking Jeans LLC


Good morning, good morning, GOOD MORNING!

How are you all this lovely Wednesday?

Me? Fabulous. Thanks for asking!

You remember what day it is? Of course you do! It’s the day we drag ourselves begrudginly to the scale, strip naked because even a hair elastic adds weight, suck in our tummies (because that helps too) and peer at the numbers before us through scrunched up eyes bound excitedly to the scale and hop on, confident that the numbers will be decidedly lower than last week.

Uh, yeah.

So, babies, go do it.

I’ll wait.

You back yet? Okay…

Got it? Good. Go blog about it, and link in a comment below. Or, if you don’t have a blog, just leave a comment telling us how you did. Don’t forget to spill about how many miles you’ve logged in the Globetrotting Challenge. (Have you signed up at Daily Mile yet? You should. It’s pretty fantastic).

Then, go leave some bloggy love for your other Sisters (and Brothers). It’s nice. We all get little butterflies in our tummies over comments. Or is it just me?

A few more things, then I’ll get out of your hair…

1) Go check out today’s giveaway…it’s jewelry. ‘Nuff said.

2) Don’t forget we’re starting the EA Sports Active More Workouts Challenge on the 20th (Friday).  Woot!

3) Give yourself a great big hug.

4) Have an amazing day!

5) Don’t hate my perkiness – I am writing this before I hit the hay. If I wrote it in the morning, I’d be a miserable hag moody.

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