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I took a trip down memory lane this week, Sisterhood-style. I went and read posts from the very beginning of Shrinking Jeans. Almost a whole year has gone by. Sisters (and brothers) have come and gone, some of you have just come upon us, but there are a select few who were there for us the FIRST weeks of our FIRST challenge and who are still here today.

Let’s give these ladies a HUGE round of applause for their commitment to improving their health! Show them some love!

Viola Zuppa







Melissa F.


Mel L.




Now, I know some of you girls may have taken a little hiatus between then and now, had babies, etc… life happens. But just know we couldn’t have been as successful in growing this community without your help. Heck, I wouldn’t be where I am at without you here supporting me and giving me that kick-in-the-ass when I need it (ahem, Kirsten)! So many of you have also become my really good friends.

We want to turn the spotlight over to you fabulous women. We want to know how you have changed in this past year. What keeps you keepin’ on with the Sisterhood? If you ladies are interested, write a paragraph telling us about it, and email them to me (meliss[email protected]). We will feature them in an upcoming post!

Bravo, ladies… and THANK YOU for being here!

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